A Starter’s Guide to Gold and Silver


Silver and gold have been known as the most valuable precious metals. In fact, even today, such precious metals have their place in the portfolio of a savvy investor. However, which precious metals are best for your investment purposes? If you are just getting started with precious metals , read on to know more about how they work as well as how you can make an investment with silver and gold. There are numerous ways to purchase silver and gold and numerous reasons why you must give in to treasure hunts


It is unique because it’s durable and doesn’t rust. It is also known for its malleability and the capability to conduct both electricity and heat. It has also other industrial applications in electronics and dentistry, yet others know it a base for jewelry and type of currency.

Gold value is basically determined through the market daily. Gold trades as a function of sentiment and the price is often less affected by laws of demand and supply. The main reason behind it is that the new mine supply is outweighed vastly by the sheer size of the hoarded, above-ground gold. In other words, when hoarders feel like selling, its price drops. When they like to purchase, the new supply is absorbed quickly and the prices of the gold are driven much higher.

Some factors that should be taken account for increased desire to hoard gold are as follows:

Political or War Crises

Political and war upheaval have always sent individuals into a gold-hoarding mode. The whole lifetime’s worth of savings may be stored and made portable until it requires to be traded for shelter, foodstuffs or safe passage to a less dangerous destination.


When the real rates of the return in bond, equity or real estate market are reduced, people flock regularly to gold as their assets that will keep its value.

Systemic Financial Concerns

When the money and the banks are perceived as not stable and political stability is questionable, the gold has frequently been sought as the best safe store of value.


When compared to gold, the silver value swings between its alleged role as a value’s store and it’s a real role as one of the industrial metals. Because of this, the fluctuations of the price in the market of silver are more volatile compared to gold. Therefore, while silver can trade roughly with gold, the industrial demand or supply equation for the metal exerts a strong influence on the price. This equation has fluctuated always with the new innovations like the following:

The use of silver in batteries, microcircuit markets, and superconductor applications.

The increase of the middle class in emerging markets economics that created a huge demand for the medical products, electrical appliances, and some industrial items, which require silver inputs. From the bearings to the electrical connections, the properties of the silver made this a desired commodity.

The once predominant role of silver in the industry of photography was eclipsed by the advancement of digital cameras.

If there’s one fact that remains about the silver value, it’s affected by its countless applications and isn’t just used as a store of value or in fashion.

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